Is this even possible with OpenWrt MESH?

yeah, those notes are not so promising... but i have to wonder how current or specific the test conditions were...

the thing with most dynamic routing protocols specifically complex link-state types... is load as a metric... this means that multiple paths through the mesh are used and load optimised... getting you a performance bang for your buck... rather than just failover pathways.

there is also olsr(link-state routing protocol)... but in any event... we both learned something... and there is a reason network admins get paid good money ( ideally lol. )...

what would be my disadvantage of just using 802.11s? instead of using batman-adv?

my setup is simple.
Interface is only LAN (i deleted WAN and WAN6). I dont use any mesh interface.

on backhaul band i added the 2nd mode 802.11s with a unique mesh id.
bind it on LAN.
encryption = none
the mesh is running. (no remove and install of package no editing)

It seems to me that Batman is more prepared for these cases than simple 802.11s routing.

I will be just doing ordinary mesh with a single bridge to lan.
As even with batman its not properly tested or no one actually has tried setting up a mesh with 2 lan bridge.

I think you should use a VLAN for each lan. Batman can do that. 802.11s routing I don't think.

i dont need vlans.
i need all devices to be on the same subnet.

You still have to use the Batman VLANs.

I don't understand why 802.11s is all the time mentioned by you.
This is a standard for wireless lan only and has never been intended for anything like ethernet.

For your needs, there is only batman-adv.

Use Quick Mesh Project or LIME