Is this configuration possible?


I'm sure i had this set up and working previously... and it couldn't have been a complicated setup if i did :slight_smile:

Basically, i would like my openwrt router to be a client on the HOME_NET wireless network and have the ethernet port on the openwrt router connected to my hp printer. I would like the ip address of the printer to be on the same subnet as the laptops ( so that the laptops can send jobs (wirelessly) to the hp printer.

I am really sorry... it must be really simple... i just can't remember how i did it!!

Many thanks everyone

It isn't easy since Wifi wasn't design for this scenario, i.e. to be used as a wireless bridge.

There is a user guide that may be useful:

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Many thanks mikma, i apreciate your reply. And thanks for the link to the document...

i had come across it but i was sure i hadnt configured it as such??. I also wanted to keep everything on the same subnet and thought that might not be possible with such a configuration.

Maybe i imagined it or maybe it was just a really 'dirty' hack that i stumbled upon :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for advice

If both routers support it, the best would be to use WDS.
If not the relay is another option.
However, being in the same subnet is not necessary to send jobs to the printer. Autodetection of the printer will be an issue, but if you configure the IP of the printer manually you'll overcome that.

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Thank you trendy

Looks like i am going crazy :slight_smile: and i'm going to have to go the 'relay' way.

(...autdetection worked as well, in this other aparent dream-world my crazy config existed in!!)

Yes! it was me! i was going crazy all along!

I re-read the article and set things up using relayd. As the first picture in the article shows, (Dirk, you really should pay more attention to what you are looking at!!) Whilst the lan interface has an ip address on a different subnet to that of the wifi client ip, things that are connected to that eth port have ip addrersses configured on the wifi client subnet!

I am grateful to you for pointing me at the document again and making me read it properly this time!! :slight_smile:

Thank you, both


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