Is this a solution for the devices by 32M Ram?

Hi my friends
If I have a router ( 32M Ram + 16M flash memory ) , so the size of the flash is good enough for openwrt install .
my question is if I attached a USB pen-drive and make a swap partition like 64M size is with this scenario can I get a performance like a device with a fixed 64M ram chip


This is not a complete solution, but it can mitigate some of the issues.
I use it for D-Link DIR-620 D1 and it seems working.
Another method to save RAM should be zram.
However, note that:


My two cents:

  • Swap is way slower that real memory. Depending on how much your router needs to use the swap memory, it may be unusably slow.

  • Support for swap memory requires memory, so it is not included is images for devices with low memory.