Is there supposed to be a 23.05 release key?

Similar to the situation I posted about in Has the signing policy on release builds changed so that releases are signed by the build tool? a few years ago, it seems that 23.05 builds are signed with the snapshot key. Is this intended, or was there supposed to be a 23.05 key?

Not sure if you're asking for more information than this, but the following is from the 23.05.3 release notes:

  • OpenWrt 23.05.3 was signed with the wrong signing keys. The keys from OpenWrt snapshot were used for OpenWrt 23.05.3, OpenWrt 23.05.2, OpenWrt 23.05.0 and the release candidates. A later OpenWrt 23.05 service release will use a different key.

I must have missed that. Thank you!

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