Is there lede/openwrt for wr841hp v1

I want to ask one more becouse i like openwrt is there any buld for wr841hp version 1

If you keep asking the same questions, you will get the same answers.

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when i can expect?

Expect what?

Maybe you should ask the person from your original thread (who actually built a firmware)?


i know but that person maked for version 3 i need for version 1

You need to understand that, despite the naming similarity, the TL-WR841HP v1.x and the TL-WR841HP v3.x are very different devices internally. While the later (v3) is effectively a bog standard QCA9533 SOC (ath79), which is easily supportable, the former (v1) is using the a Realtek RTL8196D 'lexra' SOC. Please read up on the term "lexra" here- and the internet at large, if you care about the details.

TL;DR: Lexra SOCs are not supported by OpenWrt at all, yet (and are very, very unlikely to get supported in the future either).


@0penWRT suggested reading regarding Lexra support: