Is there hard drive support for the Asus RT-N56U in OpenWrt

Hello, I have an Asus RT-N56U running with OpenWRT 21.02.5 and I can't find the hard drive section. The router has two usb ports built-in and having a disk attached there is awesome for a media server or download destination since it allows you to use those without having the PC on. I guess since not all routers have USB ports this must have been overlooked but it would be a great addition if not already implemented.

the required packages aren't shipped with the default image, but the functionality is there.

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Thanks a lot Frollic, I tried it. It still isn't working but I'm formatting my drive to see if it has to do with that!! I couldn't write anymore the other night. The system has a daily limit for newbies. In regards to creating a new wan from the existing WiFi network, I couldn't make it to work with OpenWRT 22.03 so I tried installing back the original firmware and two other open source alternatives with no luck either. I went back to OpenWRT but opted for an older version. I installed 21.02.5 and it worked perfectly on the first try. Thanks for all your pointers on that one too.

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