Is there Engenius eoc1650 support?

I tried google and can not find anything on the EOC-1650 from engenius. is it supported? Found some old stuff from 8 years ago where someone was creating a patch to make it work but haven't heard anything from it than. (

Grepping the tree doesn't return any matches for EOC1650 (with or without the dash). So that looks like a no. That being said, it looks like it's a 32 MB RAM device, and those are getting difficult to run on recent OpenWrt versions. You still have some headroom without LuCI, but not much.

For reference:

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Years ago, I had several of them in operation.

Functionally it's obsolete:

  • g wireless
  • 240 MHz MIPS 4 CPU
  • 32 MB RAM

The AR2315 chip was in the "atheros" target class. This was removed from the mainstream before 15.05. I did hack together a 14.07 to run on these. The main issue with porting is that there is a logic gate on the board which will disable the flash chip unless GPIO3 is set high (the manufacturer's reason for this feature is unclear to me). So code must be added to the kernel to set GPIO3 high.

The generic atheros build would run with a hardware modification to remove that gate, though the reset button and the LEDs are incorrectly mapped.

14.07 is based on the ath5k wifi driver. The radio txantenna and rxantenna must both be configured as '2' for proper operation. This is just to get the signal through the T/R switch. The choice of internal or external antenna is strictly by hardware based on the physical switch on the unit.

To be clear, there is no provision for software control of internal / external antenna. The antenna RF switch chip which selects internal or external is very likely to fail. The symptom of that is about a 10 dB loss of signal on both transmit and receive. I have modified most of my units by removing the switch and hard-wiring to one antenna.


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