Is there either a way to call attention to pull requests or get ETA on them? regarding e5400 clones


It appears that a completed & stable port for the e2500v4 (and similar) routers has been developed. It appears that a "pull request" for this port needs to be completed for this port to be available to end users.

(See here:

I am an end user that would like to see this port make it into the "officially supported" OpenWRT builds. I am too dumb to compile source code or anything smart like that.

Is there anything I can do to draw attention to the Pull Request and encourage its completion? Or, can an ETA for such things be suggested?

My perception (?) is the completion of the pull request is all that remains before the router gets official OpenWRT support.

Thank you, community.

The person doing this PR need to find rewievers to review this PR.
A made up ETA doesn’t say anything since no one actually work with a timeline.

But if and when these devices gets added it will not get included in 22.03. It gets included in master and falls in to next stable release probably next year.

Hello! I previously (see above) asked about the steps involved in supporting a new router. The pull request has been completed as of December, and a new stable release now exists.

However, it does not yet appear that the relevant routers are listed as supported according to the "firmware selector" or "table of hardware."

I am curious: does this mean the PR is too "new" for the recent stable release? Or does it simply mean that firmware selector / table of hardware pages need to be updated?

No it doesn’t, the latest stable release is still version 22.03.

To be exact, there is a common confusion between the different names commonly used.
What is usually called a “stable release” in the forum and wiki is in git/github language actually called a branch drop-off from the master branch.
That “stable release” branch drop-off is then it’s own branch snapshot called 22.03-snapshot in this case.
When someone feels like it is time, then the 22.03-snapshot gets a tag which is called 22.03.1 and so on until the branch end of life, that is what is commonly called a “service release of the stable release”.

But no meaningful development are done in the branch drop-off’s, that is actually the definition of “stable release”. Everything in development is done in the master branch and some of those fixes gets backported from master to still living branch snapshots.
Any new device will pretty much never be backported from the master branch to any drop-off branch (stable release).

If you think this is compact and complicated description of how it works sounds complicated, well then try read the official git or github manual of the concept of branches…

The big confusion in the forum is that most people not familiar with git and github usually think that every version and service release of OpenWrt is its own firmware development and not a hierarchy development history in time.

Users might also be confused by some of the stable release announcements. 22.03.4 announcement included:

Added devices
05ec70f kernel: add support for XMC XM25QH64C
0657576 ath79: add LTE led for GL.iNet GL-XE300
788a0cf mpc85xx: add support for Watchguard Firebox T10
3c6692b ramips: add support for TP-Link Archer AX23 v1
f5db04e ramips: add support for Mercusys MR70X
711e45e ramips: add support for D-Link DAP-X1860 A1

Thank you so much for clarifying this, I definitely misinterpreted it.