Is there anyone tried passing through PCI-E wireless cards in Hyper-V?

I have a QCA9880 wireless adapter and I want to use it in a vm created by Hyper-V and create an access point by LEDE.

I tried Xubuntu 17.04 in vm first and the card seems working (can search for access points; didn't try configuring hostapd). But it doesn't work on LEDE Trunk (I always run git pull in branch master before make). I reconfigured kernel build settings to add things like Hyper-V PCI Frontend but still won't help and I get things like Kernel Panic in the end.

Besides, this works perfectly before when I was using KVM to create virtual machines but I need a host with Windows now...

I didn't try LEDE 17.01 releases for they are still using kernel 4.4 while PCI frontend driver for Hyper-V seems like being added to kernel after 4.6.

Just wondering if there are anyone succeed in PCI Passthrough here or is there any other solutions like creating access points in Windows directly with specific adapter rather than automatically choose one.

I use PCI Passthrough Wireless card intel ac7260 in minimal CentOS 7.4 and successfully configure it as hostapd with lan in bridge. All works good, but it's no webgui to control wireless clients and etc, just works as pure access point.

About Windows (10 & 2016) - it is very bad software wireless access point realization (it's leaks, lags, bad configuration, speed and cpu utilization), forget about it.

try this (reported to work)

git clone
cd staging
git checkout kernel-4.14

and you proceed like normal lede tree, add the feeds if you need them

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Confirm it. Works on 4.14 kernel.