Is there any xDSL modem with OpenWrt support?

I'm looking for a new router with VDSL support and it's important for me that i can use a custom firmware on it, is there any device that meets these requirements?

try this filter.

I'd also stay away from devices with 8MB flash, and < 128MB RAM, due to

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So older xrx200 devices like BT's HomeHub5A are fully supported in current stable OpenWrt (you might need to get a vectoring capable DSL firmware-blob, IIUC the blob distributed with OpenWrt does not allow vectoring due to licensing issues). But these are dual-core MIPS devices that are getting a bit long in the tooth. E.g. I am on a 100/40 (sync 116.7/36.99) VDSL2 link and I use a HH5A as bridged modem, which works at that rate, but when I tried it as all in one router I already ran into issues with 50/10 (caveat, I use sqm-scripts which are quite CPU hungry).
There is some development happening to also allow the vrx518 SoC to be used under OpenWrt which will allow higher speeds as it supports profile 35a, and often is paired with more capable CPUs like e.g. a 4 core arm SoC in the Fritzbox 7530/7520. Mind you I have not tried these so can not tell what performance you could expect.

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