Is there any way to use an usb stick as ram? or similar?

is there any way to use an usb stick as ram? or similar

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Yes, but...

Basically, what you'd do is set up the drive as swap space (see this).

But, this is generally not a good idea for the following reasons:

  • because of the slow access times on a USB stick, your memory would be really really slow and this would make the system overall very sluggish and reduce performance
  • swap is write-intensive. This will wear out the flash memory. Yes, USB sticks are cheap and plentiful, so not a big deal when one gets damaged, but it may cause unpredictable behaviors when it is beginning to fail and it is just a pain to deal with.
  • General resource limitatoins. If the system has very little memory to begin with, it also probably has limited flash memory and likely doesn't have a particularly powerful CPU... you'll increase the number of running processes, but at the expense of performance (the first point), and often things that need a lot of memory tend to also more processor intensive than what your processor can likely do comfortably.

If this is still for the TL-WR902AC that we've discussed previously, you should consider a more powerful device (especially if you're not intending to use it as a travel device). I have a 902AC that I use as a travel VPN (road-warrior style)... it's fine, not amazing, but it works. It is not a model that has performance specs worth getting excited about, though.

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after installing stubby and banip stability went straight down on my 902 , i was wanting it to have it with a big banip list, also v2ray vpn basically a road warrior hotspot :confused: but it stay short for my requirements and gli routers are not totally openwrt thenks

Some of the glinet routers are fully supported by official OpenWrt.

I just run a road-warrior VPN to home, and I don't worry about banIP or other things. But, you could always do that on your home router facing out to the internet (which is likely more powerful than the 902ac).

i was reading openwrt supports some glinet yes but aparently performance decays i need to do more research before shooting , also found this

at 39$ but performance and specs is same as glinet routers so my shot will he for a glinet (when i borrow enough)

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