Is there any reason why OpenWrt cannot implement bridge mode?

Hello, there, i have ben trying to find a way to implement Bridge mode into openwrt.
I know usually we use openwrt routers, as a firewall/router/wifi, and less commonly as the edgepoint/Gateway.
So im asking if there is any particular reason why many producers have modem based on Openwrt, and they implement bridge mode, while as default, we cannot achieve that.
Even tho is nice to implement bridge mode for Fttc, im pointing to implement bridge mode, into device whit lte/5G module modems.
RouterOS can achieve that, and basically all that does is bypassing firewall/nat, and pass over the wan public IP, to a device connected to one of the lan ports, of the device setted as bridge mode.
This should offload cpu from routing firewalling and nat, assuring even less powerfull cpu, to be able to perform better, and keep up whit the 5G speeds.
Also i have seen there is no need to use vlans, there is just 2 bridge lans, 1 for connecting to the gui, and 1 used for the ip passthrough.
All i have seen is the use of ebtables.
Again many devices that are able to implement bridge mode, are based on openwrt, just whit a own made GUI, considering this, i don't really know why, Official OpenWRT cannot support this feature.
Can someone explain please?

Yes, it can.

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It fact you can isolate 2 switch ports on the same network (VLAN) special button or mode is necessary. Nothing further needed.

In the Luci interface, go to Network->Interfaces and select the Devices tab. There you see the present configuration of the network devices, i.e. Ethernet ports, bridges, etc. You can add e.g. your own bridge and attach Ethernet ports to it. This is also the interface that allows you to manipulate VLANs.

you cant do that whit cellular wan, i know that it needs to proxy arp the wan ip to the mac address of the router connected to lan.
Then dhcpc for pulling the public ip, and pass it to the router on the lan.
I read somewhere in the forum, some ppl achieved it, modifying dnsmasq, but i have seen many producers using dhcpc as dhcp server to get it done.
Basically i want to achieve what OEM routers call Bridged mode, where it just passthrough internet to the host router in one of the lan ports, while being able to access webGUI.