Is there any plan to support WAP3205 v3

Hello, I did not find the device listed on wap3205, is there any plan to support this device?

there are never plans, someone who owns it need to spend some time adding it, assuming it's supportable....

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To elaborate on what @frollic said, the process of bringing OpenWrt support to a device is not a trivial process. The "payoff" must be high enough to justify the effort, and quite frankly the WAP3205v3 is not remotely interesting enough to meet this bar for these reasons:

  • Only 4 MB flash and 32 MB RAM
  • Single core 384 MHz processor
  • WiFi at least two generations out of date
  • No gigabit Ethernet ports

The RAM is actually the most severe limitation for current OpenWrt versions, even if you're okay with WiFi 4 and non-gigabit Ethernet. Expect serious stability issues even if you can get an image to fit in 4 MB.

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I see, thank you both for the extensive information. I guess the easist way to get some second hand hardware that is already supported.