Is there any LuCI supported VPN server solution for OpenWrt?

I am looking for any VPN server solution for OpenWrt that can be configured through LuCI. It's doesn't appear there is a LuCI interface for either (OpenVPN & Wireguard) VPN server solution I have experience with.

Both Wireguard and OpenVPN have LuCI apps.

luci-app-wireguard - git-20.244.42172-21563a2 - WireGuard Status
luci-app-openvpn - git-21.188.55022-d943037 - LuCI Support for OpenVPN

What version of OpenWrt are you running?

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At least wireguard can be configured using luci alone (although it is a bit more straight forward using a text editor over ssh).

IPsec (strongSwan) and OpenVPN are quite a bit more complex in that regard, luci coverage may be partial there and depend on some manual steps over ssh first, as profile/ cert upload and management might not be completely handled in luci (both protocols are rather complex, with very different configuration options, replicating all of these properly and completely in a GUI is difficult).

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Thank-you. I see WireGuard on LuCI doesn't yet support generating QR codes for the client config, but perhaps that's something I can contribute.

It does, if you install luci-app-wireguard and qrencode.

Oh, fantastic! Thanks.

I've been looking for a first project for the Wiki. Perhaps I can tackle the wireguard article. There doesn't appear to be a client or server config page that speaks toward LuCI.

Because there aren't server- or client roles in the wireguard protocol, all peers are just that, peers - routing happens on top of that.

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Yes, I realize that. Fair enough. I should have wrote "there aren't any config pages at all that speak toward LuCI meaningfully".

IMO, the LuCI app for WireGuard is pretty easy to understand if you can follow the CLI / raw config based tutorials. All the main/required fields are shown and they all have appropriate names.

That said, if you have a some time to spare and the desire to help others, you could create a tutorial with screenshots for the Wiki.

Also, regarding the fact that wireguard works as a peer-to-peer protocol and technically not a server-client type paradigm -- my typical approach is to use quotes to refer to the 'server' or the 'client' when it is useful to draw a practical distinction, even if the protocol doesn't actually have this construct. Just my personal way of handling the terminology.

Oh...there's a big thread on that...and we all kind realized that...what each person expected from the QR code was!