Is there any firmware available for Linksys EA6900 V2(MT7621AT version)?

Hello, forum!
I'm using a Linksys EA6900 V2, and I'm trying to find an available firmware to configure the 802.1x authentication in the campus network.
I've checked with DD-Wrt and Tomato, both of them only support EA6900 V1/V1.1 but not V2 since it uses a MediaTek processer.
It seems that OpenWrt does support several MT7621AT devices, but unfortunately EA6900 is not among them.
So, does anyone know where I can find a firmware that support my device? Or is there any similar version I can use as an alternative?

Thanks for sharing, but he is using a v1.1(with a Broadcom processer) and mine is v2(with MediaTek MT7621AT), so I'm afraid it won't work

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