Is there an OpenWrt version for TL-WA850RE v7 (US)

Is there an OpenWRT version for TL-WA850RE hardware v7 (US)?

Have a look yourself.

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I've tried those.
Installing through the web admin gui fails.
And also, I thought the number under "version" was referencing the device's version?
That page only shows v1 and v2 for my device, and my device is v7.
Also, the 4/32 warning with regards to openWRT 18 pops up for my device as well.
The download is just over 4 mb.
Whereas the stock firmware is only around 1.5 mb.

If v7 is not listed there, it means v7 is not supported.

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Do you know another firmware that is?
I need to install another firmware so I can add proxy support to my device.
The only stuff I've found is mostly unrelated, usually stock otherwise, and dd-wrt/openWRT if an actual non-stock firmware.

if it has a 4mb flash, you probably won't be able to squeeze in a proxy anyway ....

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