Is there an easy way to reboot router every 24hrs

is there an easy way to reboot router every 24hrs

running latest build on a netgear r6220

periodic for those inclined to such things

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Why do you want to do this? In most cases, it is not necessary to reboot the router except when you make certain types of configuration changes and/or system upgrades. OpenWrt is stable in most scenarios and should handle months of up-time with any issues. So, if you are running into a specific issue that is apparently resolved by rebooting, I'd recommend that you actually open a thread to see if you can find a resolution to that issue... rebooting is just masking the overall issue, not solving it.

That said, if you do choose to implement a reboot script/cron job, do it carefully... you can end up in a reboot loop due to the fact that most routers do not have a real-time-clock (they rely on ntp), and successive reboots could be triggered before the network/ntp has come up.

i'm getting a system usage overload occuring sometime after about 1 day of runtime and just want a means to overcome it before i have time to look into it's source.

ive added the cron job mentioned in first reply hopefully that will get my by for now