Is there a x86 NIC megapack?

I'm trying out various 2.5G and 10G NICs with an x86 box. The only NIC I've found that has drivers in OpenWRT is the Intel 10G (X520 and X540) 10G NICs.
NICs for which I can't find a working driver:
Realtek 2.5G
Solarflare 10G
Aquantia 2.5, 5 and 10G

All of these NICs work in Ubuntu, so the drivers should exist.
Is there a megapack for these drivers or could someone point me to individual drivers?
Another thought is that maybe there could be an x86 release with many more drivers compiled in as standard (X86_mega_...) X86 machines have no shortage of hard drive/ssd space so a mega release shouldn't cause any size problems and would make life a lot simpler.

I'd really like to use OpenWRT for a large ISP project we're working on and am having lots of problems trying things out.

there is no mega, though there is the imagebuilder

typically, x86-64 nic drivers get rolled in once ported, feel free to bump or contribute to the PR's :mage:


To be more precise, what's available in mainline 5.4-branch is what you have at disposal in general unless you want to package some proprietary driver. That said, so you have all the facilities you want for monitoring etc before investing time packaging drivers etc?

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So, just to be clear, if I use ImageBuilder and build my own image with the right switches, I'll get a build with all of the NIC in Linux 5.4?

No, but you can manually include all packaged network driver modules with the imagebuilder, that isn't necessarily congruent with all network modules available in the mainline kernel. Kernel modules are only packaged if someone notices their presence, respectively has a need for them, for less common (especially with a focus on devices that lend themselves to be used with OpenWrt) it might happen that they're never packaged (doing this isn't too difficult, but it needs doing) for OpenWrt. If you have a reason to believe that a certain missing (but packaged) module should be included by default, it would be worth suggesting the addition (ideally in the form of a patch), but that probably isn't quite the case for 10 GBit/s ethernet yet (but some of the common onboard 2.5BASE-T/ 5 GBASE-T NICs might make the cut soon).