Is there a way to upgrade to higher OpenWrt version, if yes will there be any kernal dependencies


This is a continuation for the below issue.

Where the thread was closed saying that the version is unsupported and not preferable, In such case if we want to upgrade to Higher version for IPQ5018 specific chipset, will there be any current kernel dependencies.

I also would like to know which version of OpenWrt Provides full support for IPQ5018. as we have seen that even in 19.07.10 also the target file doesn't have any support for IPQ5018.

Mostly we find support for IPQ40xx and IPQ806XX. but our chipset is IPQ5018, so it will be helpful if we get to know which is the apt version for this chipset.


None so far, and there's no one working on ipq50xx support either yet (and may never be; 512 MB RAM is the absolute minimum RAM requirement); ipq807x is there, ipq60xx is seeing some interest - ipq5332 and ipq9754 might become a topic in the future.

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Thanks for the early reply, we would also like to know few other details.

Based on our best knowledge we are assuming that OpenWrt is running on top of the kernel, and in such case what all will be the dependencies on the kernel.

A lot of it, but by far not everything.

It will be very helpful for us if you can provide any migration document, which will be containing the details with regard of updating to the higher version of OpenWrt with the current kernel.

LOL, good luck with that..

Ask the people who provided you with the hw platform you're running on.

I'll step in here again to say that the OpenWrt volunteer community has long since deprecated 19.07 -- it is EOL and unsupported. There is a ton of general documentation about OpenWrt on the wiki and other sources that you are welcome to read. However, there won't be a guide for how to use the old kernel on a current version of OpenWrt, or using a new kernel on an old version (I'm not sure why anyone would wnat to do either of those things, and it's probably an exremely complex and time consuming task).

Further, since you're engaged in a commercial development activity, it is the responsibility of your organization to hire developers who can achieve your goals. Please do not ask the unpaid volunteer community to perform work for your for profit venture.