Is there a way to retrieve the password, if you've forgotten it?

I have a question if there is a way to retrieve the password to login into the router. I have a backup, but unfortunately this is the only back up, I have. Is there anyway I can check the password through the backup or even change it?
Much appreciated!

if possible (serial) booting an initramfs will in most cases allow you to mount your partition and nullify '/etc/passwd' and '/etc/shadow'... you can probably do this in failsafe too ( much easier 'mount_root; passwd' )

yes, you can try running the above files from the backup through the usual tools ( john etc. )

or you can lose everything and 'firstboot' / failsafe

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failsafe with mount_root and passwd are by far the easiest option, allowing to set a new password while retaining everything else.


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