Is there a way to [know to which server the ps4 connected]

know to which server the ps4 connected while playing a game with openwrt? thanks

Go to Status-Realtime Graphs-Connections then scroll down to the list.

im not using openwrt yet, i still use the netgear default OS, i just want to make sure before i make this move to openwrt that this can even be done because on my netgear i cant find this option

Like @mk24 said,there's a real-time list that show s source ip,target ip,and port.However you might wanna disconnect other device and use ctrl+f to search,cause that list will take quite a long time to load if you have thousands of connection .

The unfiltered version of the list would also show when someone else in the house is using all the bandwidth and potentially slowing down your game.

@mk24 May I ask,is there a way to show all target ip from specific device in LAN?