Is there a way to install shell in a box in OpenWrt?

Usually, from my PC at home, I use putty whenever I need to access the shell in ma OpenWRT routers.

But sometimes you are not at home or on your computer, and it is usefull to be able to access the shell commands from the web interface.

I other systems there are packages called "shell in a box" that let you access shell commands from a page in your web interface.

I could not find such a package in the software menu of OpenWRT.

Is there such a package?

It would be quite useful.

  • luci-app-commands
  • luci-app-ttyd

Thank you, I think luci-app-ttyd is what I was looking for, to initiate an interactive shell.

But I would like to put an easy access from the luci interface to open a new tab to the configured port.

And I would like to use https instead of http.

I did not understand well the config page for the terminals, and under terminal there does not appear a configured terminal.

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