Is there a way to increase latency/ping?

I play a fps game where the server is full of out of region players with latency close to 200ms and would like to increase my ping to their level as an experiment. I have tried to do so by disabling sqm settings in my router and by connecting to my network via a cheap chinese wifi usb adapter.

I do see ping spikes every now and then but, I was wondering if there is a way to increase it to a constant stable level though some other means. Thanks in advance!

Well, there is but I'm not sure you can do that with openwrt as it is.

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Yes, you can use linux netem to introduce an additional delay, the easiest id to add another computer with two ethernet interfaces in your network an place this between your gaming machine and the router, connect one ethernet port with the router and the other with the computer, and then you can use netem to introduce static delays. But why not simply try to get onto a server that is 200ms away?


That's a good idea to play on a server 200ms away but funnily enough, other regions do have latency limits in place :grin:

And thanks, now I know it is possible but my other working computer is laptop with not even a single ethernet port. I'll probably just stop playing the stupid game. bf4

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