Is there a timestamp when you flashed new firmware on router?

I was wondering, is there a timestamp when you upload a new firmware?

I did made a few with imagebuilder and lost track of witch I'm using right now

My mistake, I know, but just asked myself this a few minutes ago..

No, there is no timestamp. The firmware is not in a file system that could carry timestamps, and routers typically don't have any concept of time and date outside of a running system.

The first output line of the kernel log (dmesg on the console, Status > Kernel log in LuCI) will tell you the time and date when the firmware you flashed was compiled. But if you used the same image builder, that will usually be the same even between images.

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How will the time you uploaded one of the few variations help you to know which one it was?

If you were using IB to adjust which packages are installed then opkg status might help you align what is on the device with your build configurations. Maybe also look around the /rom filesystem which will reflect what was in the flash rather than anything you changed afterwards, or in /overlay to see what you've changed.

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You can add a file to the image before the build like below

mkdir -p files/etc/user
echo "$(date +'%m%d%H%M')" > files/etc/user/build_date_time

Thx that does the trick.

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