Is there a reason why OpenWrt hasn't been ported to Cisco AIR-CAP3702I-A-K9? Is there any interest?

I'm pretty new to OpenWRT, other than once flashing a Meraki MR18 with OpenWRT and then giving it to someone who needed wifi. I notice there are several ports to Meraki equipment, but I haven't found anything for other Cisco Wifi APs? In particular, the AIR-CAP3702I-A-K9 seems like a really nice model and is very affordable on places like eBay right now. Just wondering if someone had already looked into porting OpenWRT to this or similar models and determined it wasn't worth the effort? Or, if that's not the case, would there be interest?

Its pretty easy, nobody who has one has bothered to port it.
Whats the HW inside even?
I cant find any specs

According to it is based on a Marvell 88W8764C

OpenWRT documentation on that chip is scarse.

Are you sure that thats the correct model?
There are like 20 different ones from the series

Well, no. As far as I found out there is a generic case and modules like the one I refered to which can be inserted. If you find something cheap on eBay make sure it is a whole unit and not just the case.

I can't think of that they largely vary in chipsets between different modules and the specs match. So don't rely on that but I would bet that it is a Marvell 88W8764C or very similar.

Well, if thats the SoC, then there is no support for it upstream or for the integrated 4x4 WLAN.

Ok, so it's a combination of "no one has tried it or thought about it" to "the hardware might be very hard to port to"...

I can pick one up off eBay to see what's inside if that helps...

Its a case of HW is very rare and completely unsupported

Assuming this is valid information: and relates to this hardware, the board is supportable and the wireless driver should be supported by mwl8k ( also there is a downstream driver (

Damn, I completely forgot about the legacy mwl8k driver.
If the CPU is correct then it is supportable

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