Is there a post with forum rules?

I think this forum needs a page with the usual forum rules, and maybe some LEDE-specific ones (if needed).

I agree. The Staff category has four postings about these kinds of guiding rules we want for the forum. I think we should all:

  • review them (I think they're OK unchanged),
  • add a note that they were affirmed by the LEDE Project
  • move them to Site Feedback as pinned topics

Currently there is FAQ, Terms of Service and Privacy. About and FAQ are on the "Goto" button (sewer grate on upper right corner).

If there are some LEDE specific guidelines, additions, and/or corrections, Please read and review the exiting topics.

@richb-hanover - Do you think we need more topics/pages for this?

@thess You're right - About & FAQ are already there (in what some people call a "hamburger icon" :-).

And both About and FAQ have links to the other interesting pages (Terms of Service & Privacy)

  • Do we beleive they should be more obvious?
  • Do we think that we all (moderators/admins) should review those policies and come to a consensus that we affirm them? (Some of the original text is from 2013... Noting that it was adopted in November 2016 would add a bit of currency)
  • (Putting my thumb on the scale... I think we should use them as-is.)

[quote="thess, post:3, topic:119, full:true"]Currently there is FAQ[/quote]Ah that's why I missed it, you called it FAQ.
Can it be renamed into Forum Rules or similar?
As it isn't answering questions, but stating forum rules.

Trying not to step on @jow's toes while he is tweaking the CSS layouts...

I changed the FAQ url to point at the Wiki FAQ. You should now see the Guidelines on the ABOUT page. I'm not sure one can easily change the hamburger menu to say GUIDELINES instead of FAQ though.

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I can never seem to figure out the protocols at these various discussion sites. I see which seems to contain such protocols or guidelines, but I'm surprised to find people apparently complaining when I follow-up in a thread that is 99% identical to the problem I'm struggling with. Isn't that what the search function is for? Or is it better here to post a new topic rather than "resurrect" an old thread? This seems not to be mentioned in

From a newbie here, please advise: what is the culture here?

I would resurrect the old one because it already contains a lot of information regarding your problem as you stated. Now you add your 1% mosaic stone to the picture....perfect ;- )

So in the future if someone is searching for the problem he gets the "whole" picture in a single thread (exception for monsterthreads ;- )

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If you are referring to my response to you on this thread, I think you are misinterpreting what was said...

The gist was that since @takimata had not posted in 7 months (resolved/unresolved), it would NOT be superfluous for you to post your issue.

I probably should have been more clear about that.

By all means, continue.

There is a point where some threads become technically outdated. To prevent that, some sites lock threads after a certain period of inactivity.

Edit: Original thread post updated with similar language.