Is there a page that list supported ap?

I can't seem to find list of supported ap from

I can find SoC only.
I am sorry, did I miss something here?

Try a filtered AP list like this.

I am sorry for the confusion. I meant to say supported ap mode wireless card. :sweat_smile:
I am looking for a dual band 2.4 / 5 GHz ax card that supports ap mode.

In that, case, read X86 2.5gb-e MiniPC + PCie AX card suggestions, follow the link.

…but you'll still end up cheaper/ better with an external OpenWrt supported AP connected via ethernet, by quite some margin.


Thanks a lot guys.

I think I am going to get AX210.

It seems to be working?
I am going read more tomorrow.

As AP, barely.

TLDR: You want MT.


Do not buy an AX210. Intel chips will not work at all as an AP in 5 GHz. MT7915 supports AP mode fully.

I need a 5G modem.
Buying a good 5G modem-router combo (for example Mikrotik Chateau) costs about the same as building one.
And they often don't support all the band.
It is just better to build my own. I can get a modem (like RM520N-GL or FM350-GL) that support almost all 5G band except mmwave band.

To be honest, I am a bit confuse at this point. I read that ax mini-pcie card consumes a lot power and the mini-pcie slot and board probably wasn't design to support ax card. Not so sure if I should get ax card.