Is there a developer that is also an openwrt lover? (related to Linksys WRT and MWLWIFI)

Since Marvell sold the Wifi portfolio, it is possible that someone could help us with the MWLWIFI package?

  • 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz non DFS

Not working:

  • radar garbage
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i just can't believe that this kind of routers are dead, the best openwrt hardware.

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i doubt it is dead, it is the best router except for wifi. but with non dfs 5ghz i get about 600-700 megabit wifi, so it is not the best, but enough for 4k or anything. but still MU-MIMO and working DFS would be great.

dfs is working fine for me on channel 100. wrt 3200 acm

for me it works as well, but it switches channels and given i am in hungary, it selects which are not available on my phone - hungarian as well. ( you know wrt 3200acm can be either france or usa) so i would like to select to work radar for hungary.

ok so you have interference around you, i have nobody around me so it's stable, but you right i cannot set italy, just france.

ping, anyone from

I wonder if there are individuals in the community working that out? I am not sure how much I can deliver but I would like to try. Can we gather a few individuals and work that out?

Not 100% sure, I assume the firmware is mostly fine, but the driver is not completed.

Driver is open source, firmware is closed source and undocumented... If the problem was in the driver, it would have been fixed by now.

Understand that. But I had issues with 802.11w in my WRT3200acm and WRT32X. If the 88W8964 firmware grabbed from the offical image cannot even deal with such a basic feature then it really sucks.

I saw someone stated that the data path (I guess it is the new data path - ndp) still having problems, this makes me thinking it is a driver issue.