Is there a need for luci app for usteer similar to luci-app-dawn/wireless overview across APs? luci-app-usteer

The update to resolve the AP name is now available for download on master, 23.05 and 22.03 branches. Again feel free to update this app, there is no risk of incompatibilities.

@McGiverGim I saw you did a PR to add the WiFi list in the app, but can you add some error checking, as this now "crashes" if no Wifi list is present (i.e. on my router).

I will check it tomorrow, to reproduce it, I need simply remove all the wireless networks from the config?

Do you have the console error to confirm the error tomorrow?

I did not look yet, just saw that browser error. I suspect that the function is returning undefined and the rest of the code chokes on accessing undefined things. So probably a check on that should be enough.

Do you have some ssids configured despite you don't have wireless? If yes, I can add the possibility to add ssids manually too.

No i don't, not much point if there is no WiFi, but the option to have manual things configured or to at least show what is manually configured makes sense. If you do not define any wifi in the list it should just use all afaik.

Yes finally I did in this way

Ok nice, i will test it this evening

I was wondering if the negative Identifier under Remote hosts has any meaning?

another question (may be a bit off topic...) what's the best way to populate hostnames for my APs?

The identifyer is just a random number. Negative or not has no meaning.

For hostnames the app looks in the hosthints and tries a nslookup. So easiest is to make the IPs resolve to something. I just added them in LuCi under dhcp and dns and then under the hostnames tab. Do this on the host serving dns (likely the router)

To populate the hostnames, I execute this each few minutes:

arp-scan -qxlN -I br-lan | awk '{print $1}' | xargs fping -q -c1