Is there a hostapd API call I can make to tell client(s) to gracefully dissociate?

I have a mobile AP that devices connect to which runs a script to check if it is connected to the home base network via wifi bridge. If the script returns true for the bridge network is associated, I spam a dissociate command to all clients which does cause them to disconnect and re-associate with the home-base SSID

I'm aware of DAWN which I do use for band-steering on both AP's, (mobile and homebase), however the SSID's are different subnets, so tweaking the mobile station priority wouldn't be reasonable. The problem my current solution has is devices will mark the mobile SSID as "bad" for incorrect password, etc... until I manually re-attempt to associate (which they do without issue when away from homebase)

Is there another hostapd command I can use to tell clients that they should look for another SSID gracefully?

Originally I was turning off the client SSID's, but this also bounces the uplink to homebridge causing it to loop when run while the phy's are restarting.

hostapd_cli has a command for that.


There is a ubus call to ban a client for a period of time. It also allows you to choose the IEEE reason for disconnection code that is sent to the client.