Is there a getting started guide for configuring DHCP & VLANs

I'm new to OpenWrt. I've got it running on a Raspberry Pi with a Wan and Lan interface. DHCP isn't working and it sounds like I need DHCP Server running on my Wan interface and DHCP client running on my Lan interface. When I change the Wan to Static (I have a reserved IP on my Google Fiber Router and it is marked as a DMZ to allow outside traffic), it changes back to DHCP when I reboot.

Is there a comprehensive getting started guide for OpenWrt NEWBIES for setting up OpenWrt at home with DHCP Server (or passthrough to router) and a couple of VLANs? I've got a Kubernetes lab running on six Raspberry Pis and I want to put them on one private subnet and then I want a second subnet with a bastion host. I haven't figured out how to allow Ingress to the private subnet. I am running, so I think I can use tunneling for all ingress.

@smitchell, welcome to the community!

Did you save and apply the config?

The LAN and WAN VLAN is already setup on OpenWrt by default. Can you better explain your issue.

Do you get a public IP, or are you NATed to a Private IP?

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I may circle back to learn about OpenWrt later. A security friend of mine suggested that iptables will probably meet my needs. I've got OpenWtr installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 that I don't use, so I can learn about it over time as time allows. Thank you for your response.