Is there a difference how clients connect between mesh an wds?

tried both mesh and wds in the last week to bridge two routers.

router 1 (the fastest, but furthest away - wlan ac)
router 2 (slower - wlan n)

on mesh my pc connects always to router 1, which makes sense, because signal is good and speed is better, but on wds, my pc connects always to router 2.

so i wonder if this is just bad luck or if there is really a difference between mesh and wds.

Generally, how the units connect to each other shouldn’t have a large impact on a client’s selection. (I’m assuming you have an AP running on both routers the same way in both situations.) Now, if you don’t have connectivity for the a client from one AP or the other, it may switch.

yes, both are ap with same ssid and password

Clients only see the AP interfaces. They would not know how the APs are interconnected.

There is a lot of confusion over this point since there are commercial "mesh systems" which also include some sort of proprietary enhanced client roaming. That is an entirely different issue from the mesh backhaul interconnect.


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