Is the package index broken on the wiki?

The package index at :
appears to not link to proper package pages and instead shows :


At the top of the page. Logged in or not.
Has someone edited the wiki and accidentally taken the package index out?
I was trying to link to an entry for php7-cli in a page I was editing but the package entry was not showing up in searches via the wiki's search box. Looking deeper it appears that something might have happened to all the package pages.

Has anyone else noticed it and is anyone fixing it?



@bobafetthotmail There was a missing "~" at the beginning of the line (must be 2x "~")


I added this now.

If you created this page via script, you should update it accordingly.

I thought I fixed it in the script last weekend, will have to look into it again.

Still, if you look into categories you see that the pagequery is failing. I'm a bit puzzled by that.
Also the page query in the package index of LEDE package lists is failing, and I didn't touch that

Oops, that was me.
I noticed that the wiki search was getting spammed again by packages and excluded the pkgdata namespace from the search. Obviously that was a bit too much.

I think we had the following already in the pkgdata entries, but seems it got lost somewhere:


This should hide the pkgdata from the search, but not from the pagequery.

Neat, that was caused by my attempt at fixing the lack of the ~ as I noticed also packages were missing the first "tilde" symbol for some reason, as the script is supposed to add that at the beginning of each package.

I'll have a look at the script tomorrow.

Nice to see you guys on top of it. :+1:

I can see it's mostly fixed now. Good job. :+1:
FYI I'm seeing :


at the top of :

Yeah I know. The index pages (and the package pages) are generated by the package indexing script running in the wiki server, so the proper fix is fixing the script. I'll look into it today.

Good luck!

Ok the script should be fixed.
I started it and within a day or so (when it has finished indexing the packages) it should fix all the pkgdata not having the tags, and the index having broken tags.

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