Is the new section added to Tailscale wiki page useful?

Today I had to make some changes to my network configuration, so I re-read the Tailscale wiki page.

I noticed a new section that was not present few months back, regarding the tailscale init.d script. It says it's needed for For tailscale to assign the IP to the tailscale0 interface

But when I configured Tailscale months back that section was not there, and my configuration worked as intended.
tailscale status correctly showed the OpenWrt tailnet ip, that I could ping from other tailnet devices.

Since I was already messing around with my current config, I tried to apply the new modification suggested by the wiki, rebooted, but I didn't notice any effect.

Does anyone knows what does that section do, if anything?

I didn't notice the wiki had version control (of course it does...). I meant this commit made by @SuperSandro2000