Is the NanoPi R4S a good option?


I'm thinking of getting a NanoPI R4S (with 4GB of ram) to upgrade my router. How well is it supported? is it a good option?

I have a 350Mbps internet connection, around 7 devices and I plan to run ad blocking and wire guard vpn on it.

It's too early to tell.

On the one hand it's not formally supported (not even in master/ snapshots) so far, on the other hand I don't know of anyone who has really pushed the r4s to its limits (WAN speeds of 1 GBit/s linespeed, SQM at that throughput, various VPN uses, etc.) with OpenWrt (as in the pending PR to add support for it, not some other distribution or OEM firmware) yet and reported about real-world performance[0].

Considering that you 'just' need 350 MBit/s and extrapolationg from the r2s, hoping that it might be better, suggests that it could serve your needs - but so can other more traditional devices with known performance figures.

[0] knowing if it can do ${x} MBit/s down and ${y} MBit/s up is one thing, that may reassuring - but knowing at which point it 'breaks' and can no longer keep up would be even more important, as that would allow estimating its real headroom and performance (keep in mind that testing PPPoE, which is necessary for many users, at home/ at high throughput isn't easy - and this has a rather major performance impact).

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