Is the datatemplate plugin installed on the wiki?

@tmomas I'm trying to revive some features of the tabbox that we used in OpenWrt Device Pages, but I cannot make the datatemplates work.

Is that plugin installed? Thanks.

datatemplate plugin is installed, but doesn't work.

Good Sleuthing! And an excellent bug report. I'm hopeful that this will make it easy to identify and fix. (Although cyrille37 doesn't seem to be closing any bugs...)

Well there wasn't any activity since 2 Aug 2016 ... time for a fork :unamused:

I tried out the solution proposal in the issue report: Success, it is working now!
@richb-hanover take a look at

Congratulations! Thanks for your diligent efforts to make the wiki better!

Update: To see how this fix has moved us forward, I mechanically modified the template I created a while back to show data for the Archer C7.

The page looks remarkably good, except for the Hardware Details tab, which definitely needs better formatting.

Do you have thoughts for creating Device Pages site-wide?

The WRAP makes a huge difference. Thanks!

I embellished the datatemplates to put the vendor/model/version into the header. This separates and identifies the various versions for Hardware Details & Links tabs. I then removed model/version from the columns (because it was redundant).

I created three prototype pages that all use the same wrap/tabbox structure:


  • The data plugin seems to work pretty well - the structure you set up in OpenWrt ages ago has served us well.
  • It's easy to see where the underlying data is inconsistent/lacking.
  • This will goad people adding new models to improve their data; it doesn't really matter with old/no-longer-supported devices.

Thanks again!