Is the ASUS RT-AX1800S supported by openwrt?

I found that the RT-AX54 supports it on the website.[]=rt&s[]=ax54hp#supported_versions.

But I couldnt find it support for the RT-AX1800S.

I checked on asus's website and it shows that they have the exact same specs.

And I also saw on this website that they have the exact same MediaTek MT7621AT Soc

Would the RT-AX54 openwrt firmware work on the RT-1800S or are there other things that also affect compatibility?

Im very new to this so please be patient.

Identical specs as spelled out by the vendor (who has no interest in including 'implementation differences' in the user facing adverts, to the enduser running the OEM firmware, RAM- or flash size don't matter - nor really do SOC type and CPU frequencies) does not necessarily imply identical hardware.
Identical hardware does not necessarily imply identical software (h/w IDs, flash partitioning, enforced region coding, etc. pp.).

No one knows about the details, until someone dissects the device on their table and starts developing - it 'may' be simple, it may be hard, it could even be unsupportable.

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They are identical.

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I see. Thank you.

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