Is tcpudp a valid protocol name?

This page:

notes that "tcpudp" is a valid value for "proto".

I followed these instructions to create a guest wlan:

The instructions include the command:

uci set firewall.guest_dns.proto="tcpudp"

When I view the firewall "traffic rules" in Luci (OpenWrt 19.07.4 r11208-ce6496d796) it reports that "tcpudp" is an "unrecognized protocol". [Edited to correct typo.]

Not sure if this is a bug in Luci or an error in the documentation.

Two characters seem to be transposed. Try tcpudp instead of tcpdup.


Unfortunately that was just a typo in my post. Here's a screenshot:

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  1. I would say the official documentation works for a specific use case (which is reasonably the expected "default"). Sadly my use case is a "dumb ap" without a WAN interface.

  2. Appreciate the pointer to github. I see it is a reported issue.

  3. Given my level of ignorance no one want me touching any documentation :smile: .


It seems the developers do not consider compatibility for this option important enough to fix the issue:
So, we may as well remove it from the documentation to avoid confusion.

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