Is setting up a RPI4 as a wired router worth it?

The RPI4 is superior to any router in terms of its wired performance, so I was thinking to have my ISP router connect to my RPI4 which runs openwrt and which connects to another powerful router which acts as a dumb AP.

This setup would allow me to use all the functionality of openwrt like bandwidth monitoring, vlans, adguard, etc or is that not the case?

It really depends, if you are ignoring hardware acceleration probably yes at this moment, but newer platform like Banana Pi BPI-R4 might already have a CPU that's comparable to RPi4. But if you already own a Pi4 I would say it's ok to try it out.

Yes, possible.

RPi4 is plenty powerful for what you outlined. Through in SQM on Gbit connection too. RPi5 is likely better but x86 (intel N100 based) can be had for approximate dollars. If you want packet inspection via snort3, it will be limited, but that is a rare use case.

This has been discussed recently, and there are many opinions on the matter.

Ultimately, it depends on your current situation and requirements. Based on what you've said it will work from a technical standpoint. But, do you already have a Pi4 + enclosure, power supply, and ideally USB3 gigabit ethernet adapter? If so, great... give it a shot. If not, there are many people who would suggest that the total investment (and the potentially unwieldy configuration with the USB ethernet dongle and the like) make it less attractive than an x86 or purpose-built router (wired or wireless).

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