Is reserve client IP address same as set static lease?


Another noob question. For devices such as printers connected by wifi, does it make sense to ensure they keep their same ip address once assigned by the router, so other devices can find them?

I'm confused about whether there's a difference between reserving an IP address and creating a static lease. On the Luci interface, you can see the 'Set Static' lease button next connected devices.


Even if you assign addresses statically on a device it's a good practice to reserve these addresses within a DHCP pool or use a dedicated address space outside the pool to avoid collisions.
But if you want a permanent allocation to a specific device you have to configure a static DHCP lease.
However daemons such as dnsmasq are able to use these reservations for entries in DNS or allow you to set a name (an A and AAAA record) for the address.