Is QCNCM865 supported? Is there an alternative?

Installed OpenWRT under Proxmox control. I want to raise AP.
Now I want to decide on a wifi module that can be used to distribute 5/6 Ghz frequencies.

So far, I've settled on the QCNCM865 model, but I can't find information anywhere... Does OpenWRT now support this module?
If not, could you recommend an alternative model that ran both Windows 10/11 and OpenWRT 23.05.x?


Leaving aside support for that chipset (for which I cannot answer):

  • running APs from within a VM is generally pretty tricky
  • the chipset must have support for AP mode (not all do)
  • performance of the vast majority of PC-based cards will be poor relative to any half-decent wifi AP or all-in-one wifi router due to the antenna design and placement (and the rest of the materials of the device) which can be optimized for wifi.

Therefore, you are much better served by using a proper AP device than wifi from within a PC running Proxmox.

In fact, it will be more inconvenient for me to carry a wifi router with me.

Will explain. I have a mini-itx PC which I use as a server for various VMs on which I run tests for my work.
Therefore, I just want to supply power to my PC, press the power button, and connect from my laptop via RDP to the server remotely from another room.
And of course, do not limit yourself to connecting only one device.
However, quite often I have to move with this server, and I don’t want to carry another router with me.

Therefore, I would be very grateful if you could name for me specific models with their advantages and disadvantages, or a model that would suit my task.

You would end up doing the development. There are no supported devices with ath12k radios yet, so no one has really tested (and PCIe ath11k cards seem not to be without problems either). A word of caution, that card seems to be client-centric, so it's not guaranteed that it supports AP mode at all. On top of that there hasn't been ath11k/ ath12k development for DBDC so far, as none of the supported ipq807x devices use that mode, so expect new challenges. MLO isn't supported in mainline linux/ hostapd or OpenWrt at all so far, which will need quite some development on netifd as well (after upstream hostapd gains support for it).

Do not expect a smooth ride, you will have to spend considerable development - and you'll be the first to know.