Is opkg upgrade still a bad idea?

So, it took quite a bit to review all the info and prepare for a try.
And truth be told, the upgrade (to itself, i.e. from 19.07.7 to 19.07.7) took place (it didn't object it was the same version), and as I got to know before doing it, all the config of the installed packages was already automatically included in the config save. And I had installed a few extra packages, like snort, collectd, adblock, etc. This means I did find everything in place at the end of the procedure.
Caveat: procedure that required a manual restore of the ext-root I had configured (and where e.g. all the tens of MB of snort rules were saved). I had previously created the ext-root following the official wiki, but unfortunately the procedure at OpenWRT sysupgrade with ExtRoot to restore the ext-root didn't work for me.
But I was able to fix the problem by re-establishing the ext-root as per wiki, just paying attention to execute only the contents from paragraphs 1, 2 and 3: 4 was exactly what I wanted to avoid because the content of the overlay was already there, and then correcty mounted and handled at the next reboot.
So thank you all (and thanks OpenWRT developers), this specific sysupgrade was quite enough smooth.
Will check again at the next real upgrade.

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