Is OpenWrt working on an Amlogic S905W?

Hi all.

I want to try a little project with Openwrt and a Tv box.

I'm thinking on buying this tv box model X96 mini, it comes with an Amlogic S905W SoC... but I'm not 100% sure if Openwrt would work with this specific chip. I know there are some Openwrt builds created for the Amlogic S905X (actually is one of the most popular builds for Amlogic).

My main concern is to buy this tv box (x96 mini) and the openwrt wouldn't work with it because this tv box uses a S905W chip. I know there isn't a big substantial difference with the S905X chip. I read about the differences between S905X and S905W and there aren't to many, the only difference is that the S905X is able play videos at 4K60fps and the S905W plays it at 4K30fps. That's the only difference.

So I want to be 100% sure if openwrt would work with S905W chip before buying the tv box device. I hope that someone could give me a clue if this would work or not or if someone was able to get it work properly Openwrt with Amlogic S905W. Thanks in advance. if it's listed, it is - if it isn't, then it isn't supported. There are no generic images you can throw at the device and see what sticks.

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