Is OpenWrt Wiki on TP-Link TL-WA855RE v1 also goes for v2?

As said in the topic, is OpenWrt compatible also for TP-Link TL-WA855RE v2?

I have this devices (3) at my parents house and they doesn't have mesh functionality, Im looking for this function to be done with OpenWrt since they also have an Archer C60 v3.0 that's compatible with OpenWrt as said by

Well, I have found some more info about this device at

Pretty much uses the same SoC as the v1 so the compatibility is almost straight forward (or with some minor adjustments).

Any help could be apreciated...

Seems WA855RE didn't make it to 19.07, which would indicate it's a 4mb flash device.

If that's the case, you're not going to be able to fit any additional modules onto the flash
unless you create your own image, and delete some unneeded stuff in the process.
Might gain some additional space by replacing ath10k with ath79 though.

Or you can confirm the flash size have increased in v2.

Ok, so today I was able to reach one of this devices, the RAM chip is a Zentec A3R56E40ABF-8E as it can be seen in the pic under this post, this chip as said on its datasheet, its a 256Mb DDRII Synchronous DRAM so there is plenty of space on this device.

256 Mbit, not Mbyte, and it's the RAM, not the flash, unless it's a combined chip.

If this helps, under this post again is the pic of the backside of the board and there is also a chip that in the picture may not be clear but is a 25032CS1G.