Is OpenWrt suitable for my ISP?

I run a small WISP in Patagonia, Chile. Most of our network is built with Powerbeam AC PTP Links, but I am tired of dealing with closed firmware with limited features. I want to set up things like OSPF, fq_codel QoS, auto-configuration, and a metrics daemon.

Is there any OpenWrt compatible PtP link hardware comparable to the Ubiquiti devices? I live in a remote area with very little wireless interference so I am willing to take the hit and forego Ubiquiti's RF filtering silicon.


To economize on costs, at least, I would use mikrotik for the PtP-stuff. And then combine it with openwrt-routers/hotspots.

You can certainly do most of this on open wired hardware while treating the UBNT devices like a fancy wire. Perhaps you should look at mini PC's or espressobin or similar and leave the ubiquiti devices to handle just layer 2 signals


I agree with @dlakelan, depending on your customer situation, a two-box system may be appropriate. Install OpenWrt on a 2.4 GHz router inside the house providing SQM, QOS, etc. Continue to use AirOS as a "fancy wire."

OpenWrt should run on the Powerbeam AC, so you can try it as a full standalone CPE. You will need to turn off the AirMax system on an Ubiquiti OS AP for it to interoperate with standard WiFi.

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Thank you all for the recommendations! I will probably stick to the "fancy wire" approach for the time being and use OpenWRT routers in between.

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