Is OpenWrt still distro for embedded devices?

As I can see here 4MB min (won't be able to install luci web interface) / 8MB better (will fit luci and some other applications). But this device had 32 mb ram and 4 mb flash and it can run web interface at official vendor's firmware. More over CC 15.05 could run on it with web interface. Why are you trying to make OpenWRT so huge? Main goal is to support routers and most of these devices haven't 16 mb flash.

The 4/32MB issue has been discussed ad nauseam now.

Feel free to further search the forum for 4/32.

Please avoid replies like "...but I need this 4/32 device to run!!!11" or "...but what a waste if you dump 4/32 devices!!!11". We have heard all that already more than once, and honestly, some forum users are already sick of these ever repeating discussions.


What is growing in OpenWRT (except for LuCI), kernel?

See and Should OpenWrt/LEDE support devices with only 4MB Flash?

We don't need to ruminate this again. And again. And again...


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