Is OpenWRT Possible on Archer c60 (KR) Version?

Hello everyone,

I have a question, so, I want to buy this router to install OpenWRT on, I was thinking of buying it used, but, from the photo that the seller sent me, it has (KR) beside where the model(Archer C60) was written, my question is, is it possible to install the one on the website? Or is it US only or something?

I forgot to mention that it is a v3, and I already checked on the website that it is compatible, but it doesn't show whether it is only compatible for certain regions or not.

And I am very sorry if any of my sentences doesn't make sense, I'm not a native speaker

Thank you very much!

You won't get any "better" answer here, than on Reddit.

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I believe the region change only implements some firmware customizations like default language and wifi reg also psu change.
I think you should buy the device if you're allowed to return it (worst case scenario).

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Haha! Nice meeting you here again, I just figured no harm in asking more about it, cross-referencing the answers on different forum on any new information, if any

I think so too, I downloaded the firmware of this router from both the KR and US websites and, iirc, the size is the exact same.

Thank you so much!

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What country or region is KR? If KR is South Korea…
Then the biggest difference besides maybe wifi channels I would guess is the power supply since to my knowledge US doesn’t have 220V AC 60Hz that Korea seems to have and the socket is wrong type, so you would probably have to do some fix to the power supply to begin with.

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Well if configs are registered in the source code as a byte (8-bit) or any other bit length then the size of the firmware is the same size no matter the actual value of the byte.

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I'm really sorry, I have close to zero understanding about volts and alternating current and whatnot(or anything about electricity in general,) but, you are talking about the electricity from the house right? Please correct me if I am wrong(I think I most definitely am,) but, from my very VERY limited understanding about it, does it really matter? Since the power adapter is just gonna output what the router needs any way right? (12 V ⎓ 1 A in this case) and that is way below what is even available from your house regardless of whether you are from the US or KR, right?

Once again, I am really sorry, I know this question sounds stupid from your perspective but I genuinely do not know

Thank you so much for your time

It’s a thing that you will have to handle, the product was made for South Korea and it work in South Korea.

The KR PSU will at a probability rate of 100% not have a socket that fits in a US power outlet.

And on top of that as far as I know US have 120V and 60Hz.

So the chance that you at least need to buy a new PSU is pretty much guaranteed.