Is OpenWrt 18.06.2 working on Raspberry 3B+

Hi, I am a beginner with OpenWRT
I am considering to buy a raspberry 3B+ to install OpenWRT on it (buying a raspberry than a more specialized router since I will certainly use it for other projects later) , however I read that "OpenWRT 18.06.1 is not working on RPi 3B+ due to a problem with the GPU (which is responsible for the boot process)", so I was wondering if it was fixed on the 18.06.2 version, as I would like to avoid issue with my first use of OpenWRT.

Thank you for your answer.

Hi, as they wrote in

I think it would build with the trunk snapshot but not with the latest stable. Also they wrote about an issue to set the wifi as ap instead of wifi client.

I will give it a try next week and report after that.


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Hi illyasviel,

yet i tried Openwrt on Raspberry PI 3B+.

With the latest stable 18.06.2 it runs in an kernel panic and reboot (as you wrote).
With the latest snapshot (Thu Jan 31 03:41:58 2019) it boots,
but to access luci you have to

  • logon in local console
  • setup the Interface to correct static address or change to dhcp
  • install luci (webinterface) if you wanted

It was possible for me to create wifi as access-point ,but the auto channel feature wont work.

If you can live with that buy one :smile: ,
I think its a great device also for other projects.

Best Regards

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Your link is to the 18.06.2 release - snapshots are here:

This one has EXT4 filesystem to write to a SDcard:

Did you get hostapd running on 802.11n, or AC or both?