Is NETGEAR R6120 abandoned?

The supported current release for the device is available on Techdata: NETGEAR R6120 is 23.05. The currently released OpenWrt firmware is 23.05.3. So, I was wondering whether the developer who supported this device left or the device will be no longer supported due to any limitation?

I understand developers are volunteer here and I mean no disrespect. How can I build that firmware for my device to keep up with the latest release?

Thank you for your time and attention.

The techdata is largely updated by hand, so it lags behind. Use the firmware selector and you'll always see the latest.

Thank you so much for the reply. OMG! I was only depending on Techdata page.

I'm currently in the middle of updating TechData to include all devices supported by 23.05.3 or Snapshot. It's a slow process as I'm updating as much detail as I am able to discover on each supported device.


Thank you @RaylynnKnight ! I know it's a bit of a slog to get through those entries, but it is very much appreciated!

It has proven to be more difficult as somehow many of the Brands have disappeared from the drop-down on the form. I've worked around the issue but it would help if I could get an admin to add all of the brands listed on back to that drop-down list! Target and Package architecture dropdowns on the TechData entry page are also outdated!

Since firmware selector has all information, is there anyway we can use automation to pull details from there??

Sorry, I cannot help with that directly -- I don't know how those systems are setup. But, maybe @thess can help (either directly or maybe by tagging in the person/people who maintain that part of the site).

Perhaps @aparcar can help with the wiki site.

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