Is my Xiaomi 4a gigabit broken?


Have a Mi 4A Gigabit running openwrt 21.02 in bridged mode (all interfaces are one bridge and just passes through all DHCP broadcasts to all interfaces - the Wan interface is connected to the lan switch).

Following a faulty bulk update of packages that ended up in errors about libc and other linked libraries, the router is not coming back.

Specifically the wan physical interface when connected brinks the blue light on, but the orange light flashes at about 2 flashes per second.

What does this amber flash means and what are my options for reviving the router?


You mean you just told opkg to install every updated package in the repositories? If so, you'll need to reset your OpenWrt-installation to defaults, because you're not supposed to just nilly-willy upgrade everything.


Thank you for your answer.

Actually I did:

opkg update; opkg list-upgradable | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | xargs -r opkg upgrade

Do you happen to know how exactly do I reset Xiaomi 4A to defaults?

Kept pressed the reset button on power on, but the amber led keeps flashing (and the blue turns on once I connect an eth cabel).

Maybe the router has been reset but I try to connect to the wrong IP address?


Under normal circumstances, you turn on the 4A, wait for leftside blue power LED to appear after about 1 minute.

Then press and hold the Reset button. After about 7 to 10 seconds, the power LED will change to rapidly flashing yellow light. Release the Reset button.

Eventually the 4A will reboot and you can then log into openwrt at

If this doesn't work, follow the debrick instructions to return to stock Xiaomi firmware. eg. using the MiWiFiRepairToolx86 for Windows:


Yes, so you did exactly what I asked you about. Next time, don't do that; there sometimes may be an updated system-package there that when installed breaks OpenWrt. OpenWrt's rootfs is read-only, so any packages you upgrade don't actually modify rootfs, but instead end up in the overlay-partition; if the package is one of the system-packages, OpenWrt will boot with one version of the library/libraries from the rootfs, but then once the overlay has been mounted, any newly-run processes will attempt to use the new library/libraries and you end up with a mismatched system.

It's best to only upgrade specific packages you're experiencing some problem with, or just wait for the next point-release of OpenWrt and install that instead.


Hi again,

It was faster to buy a new Mi 4 router then revive the old one.

So openwrt was installed like a charm, started configuring the interfaces, made a mistake in the configuration and got locked out (due to ending up having no interface configured).

What is the solution?


What is the result of resetting?

Orange light is blinking.
Blue light on when connecting a cable on the WAN interface, but no IP related traffic from the router (confirmed via whireshark).

Could there be something wrong in what happenes during updates/resets that breaks the router?


What version of OpenWrt did you use?

It's possible the Reset button doesn't restore the OpenWrt to First Boot state?

Try using MiWifiRepairToolx86 to return it to stock firmware.

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If you have mis-configured the network but then do what @bill888 said, it should reset OpenWrt cleanly to defaults. If that does not work, it's a bug.

If the left light never changes to solid blue, OpenWrt has not booted fully and an OpenWrt reset is not going to work. In that case you need to use the TFTP recovery to stock and then reinstall OpenWrt.

I just flashed 22.03.0-rc5 to my spare 4A 'Giga' (2019) international gigabit model.

Booted up router, renamed it. Pressed the Reset button. The router successfully restarted with default settings.

Repeated for 21.02.3 with same results.

It occurred to me have you tried Failsafe mode?,there%20to%20help%20you%20out.

For the 4A, turn on the power, a solid yellow power light will appear. A few seconds later the yellow light will start to flash, press and hold the Reset button until you see the power LED to flash VERY rapidly. Then release the button.

Connect PC to LAN port closes to WAN port. SSH into

Just done the same with 2 4A Giga models, those Windows 10 install instructions just work, and on also on a Mi Router 4C

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